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Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

VST Ravity Collection

1. LUXONIX RavityS VSTi v1.4.3-h2o
Langsung coba aja :p hehehee infonya susah dijelasin lewat kata-kata
pokoknya manteb deh


Ravity(R) completely recreates the external drum/percussion rompler in a software environment.
Specification :
- New structure based on PCM Synthesizer Module
- 68 ready-to-use presets (expandable)
- Large preset browser (keyboard support) /
Expandable easy editing GUI (hot-key support)
- NAVI™ engine : Extremely low CPU load / 32bit sound processing
- HLMS™ : Hyper Layered MIDI assign System
for real-time performance and sound editing
- FOEM™ : Fully Optimized embedded Effecting Module (24 types of algorithm)
- 16 assignable pads/layers / 6 individual stereo outputs
- import external Wave files(*.wav).
(any sample rate, 8/16/24/32bit, mono/stereo)

Download disini bro :
LUXONIX Ravity S VSTi v1.4.3-h2o
LUXONIX Ravity R VSTi v1.4.3-h2o
Pass : mertnil

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