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Minggu, 31 Juli 2011

Future Loops Jungle Drum Kits Vol. 2 MULTiFORMAT

Future Loops is proud to release 'Jungle Drum Kits Vol 2', the second volume of our jungle multi-format drum kit sample packs. Featuring over 180 highly professional drum hits 'Jungle Drum Kits Vol 2' is a fantastic selection of drum sounds specially designed for Jungle but also ideal for Drum & Bass, Dubstep or Breakbeat productions.

We're loading your studio with 19 Drum Kits packed with Snares, Shakers, Hats and Kicks, ready to be built into powerful Jungle grooves!

Built from the ground up with the user in mind this fine drum kit pack includes samples in the traditional WAV format but also in other popular formats such as MPC, Giga, EXS, Kontakt and Battery.

'Jungle Drum Kits Vol 2' features:
• 19 Drum Kits featuring 184 samples in WAV format
• 4 Kontakt Kits
• 4 Giga Kits
• 4 EXS Kits
• 4 MPC Kits
• 4 NI Battery Kits
Download here or here
'Jungle Drum Kits Vol 2' is a must-have pack if you need quality Jungle drum hits & kits ready to be used in the most popular samplers. All for a great price and with the quality stamp that Future Loops is committed to bring to you.

Cubase 6 DVD Original Mac & PC

Cubase 6 includes all the new features that were introduced in the latest major update to Cubase, Steinberg's advanced music production system.

Provided in Cubase 6 are drastically enhanced MIDI functionality and a new audio and MIDI editing workflow that expedites the transformation from creative ideas to professional results. The VST Expression 2 comprises Note Expression for drawing controller values onto single note events, updated VST Expression Map functionality and the Articulations/Dynamics Lane in the Key Editor. Turning to audio, Cubase 6 adds phase-stable editing and quantizing of multi-track drum recordings, a new transient and advanced tempo detection and the ability to group several tracks for instant simultaneous editing of related events. In addition, the redesigned Lane Track system for both audio and MIDI offers convenient multitake comping by clicking on the best parts of multiple takes to form a single perfect take.
Download here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
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Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

FL Studio v10.0.2 (fixed)

FL Studio 10 is a complete software music production environment, representing more than 12 years of sustained & focused development. Everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music. FL Studio 10 is the fastest way from your brain to your speakers.
It's a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for Windows PCs (or Intel Mac/ Bootcamp). This fully featured sequencer supports VST, DX & ReWire plugins, and features its own unique plugin architecture. As it also has lifetime free updates it may be your ideal DAW! FL Studio can be used as a scratchpad for your ideas or to produce completely mastered tracks ready for publication. It's up to you!
What can FL Studio do?
* Audio editing and manipulation including pitch correction, pitch shifting, harmonization, time-stretching, beat-detection & slicing, audio warping and standard audio manipulation (cut/paste etc).
* Automate most interface and all plugin parameters by recording, drawing, spline-based automation curves, automation generators with formula based control of links.
* Be hosted in other DAWs as a VST or connected through ReWire.
* Live music performance including video effect visualization.
* Mix and remix audio including apply realtime audio effects including delay, reverb & filtering.
* Multi-track audio recording.
* Record & play MIDI input recording from keyboards, drum pads and controllers.
* Sequencing and arranging.
* Synthesizer & effect plugin hosting (VST 32 & 64 bit, DX and FL Native format)
Dwonload Here or Here or Here Readmore...

Groove Option Hip Hop Grooves Vol. 2 WAV

Are you ready for a full truckload of genius beats? With this new library of Hip Hop loops, including heavy drum parts and top class bass grooves, your next tunes are sure win to make the booty of pretty ladies and gentlemen move.
We’re bringing you straight-up hip hop vibes ready to roll in the club, keeping heads nodding from the beginning to the end of the song.
The ‘Hip Hop Grooves Vol 2′ library contains 34 of modern sounds tracks, great for laying vocals parts and catchy chorus.
Download Here or Here Readmore...

Pro Tools 9: Music Production, Recording, Editing, and Mixing

Prepare yourself to be a great producer when using Pro Tools in your studio. Pro Tools 9 for Music Production is the definitive guide to the software for new and professional users, providing you with all the vital skills you need to know. Covering both the Pro Tools HD and LE this book is extensively illustrated in color and packed with time saving hints and tips, it is a great reference to keep on hand as a constant source of information. Detailed chapters on the user interface, the MIDI and scoring features, recording, editing, signal processing and mixing blend essential knowledge with tutorials and practical examples from actual recordings.
New and updated materials include:

* *Pro Tools 9 software described in detail
* *Details of the new functions and features of PT9
* *Full color screen shots and equipment photos

Pro Tools 9 for Music Production is a vital source of reference, for the working professional or serious hobbyist looking for professional results.

* *Highly illustrated color guide packed with tips to help Pro Tools users get the most from their system
* *Up-to-date and specific to version 9
* *Endorsed by leading international producers, composers and engineers
Download Here or Here Readmore...

Electronisounds Breakbeat Explosion WAV

Breakbeat Explosion contains 681MB of breakbeat sounds and loops! This sample collection is an essential tool for producers and remixers alike! You’ll find everything you need to create breakbeat, big beat, chemical beat & even trip hop; from stabbing basslines to etheral organ pads, we’re giving you the hook up!
We’ve created heaps of drum loops (including breaks, programmed acoustic beats, percussion grooves, hi-hat loops), plenty of rough-and-ready bass one-shots, sweet and swirling pads, crazy (bizzare and abstract) vocal snippets, blistering synth leads, wild stabs & so much more! Filled to the brim with sounds and loops, BBE is a power-house collection of samples!
Download here Readmore...

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