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Jumat, 09 November 2012

Sound Burst Ethnosphere v1.1 VSTi

Ethnosphere is the rich source of ethnic sounds every musician has been waiting for. No more hassle looking through dozens of CD-ROMs looking for sounds the way you would with an ordinary soft sampler.

Ethnosphere comes with over 300 pristine quality sound banks and every sound is always instantly retrievable and perfectly accessible. Ethnosphere includes several kinds of Buzouki, Sitar, Koto Shamisen, Santur, Dulcimer, Psaltry, Harp, Zither, Saz, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Pipe, Ethnic Orchestral Ensemble, Accordion, Musette as well as tons of percussion instruments and loops.

Ethnosphere can be download here, or here or here, it can generate up to 64 voices of polyphony
(CPU dependent) at 24 BIT/96Khz quality and it really works magically thanks to 32 bit internal processing. It just doesn't get any better than this! Ethnosphere, along with your VST midi sequencer, is all you'll ever need to inject a convincing ethnic flavour into your tracks.


Dubstep - 900 Presets for Massive

Here is a huge collection of royalty free dubstep patches for Native Instruments massive 1.3. These are some of the best patches I've found/made/collected over the past year and are in the likeness of artists such as Skrillex, Knife Party, Nero, Flux Pavilion, Noisia, Boregore, Downlink, Excision, Cookie Monsta, Datsik and there's even some from Madeon & Pendulum for good measure!

What's inside:

900 presets for NI Massive
Bonus Dubstep Bass loops
Bonus Dubstep Bass shots
download here


Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

Steinberg Nuendo v5.0.1 x86

Nuendo 5 is the world’s number one in native audio postproduction, with a superior feature set that surpasses all your expectations. It includes tools that allow an ADR-like workflow, including EDL support. Not only does Nuendo 5 come with excellent surround features, but also provides a unique automatable bus-destination routing system that lets you create different mix versions in one go. Download here, or here, or here. A new video engine guarantees stable video playback, and the ability to work with multi-mono files means industry openness. An array of additional enhancements and 64-bit technologies boost performance and enables Nuendo 5 to handle large projects

Ultimate Massive Patches 2

Part 2 in our #1 selling series of Massive patches for peak time main room producers. Packed with the biggest throbbing basslines, crazy insane leads, hook heavy arps and blistering FX that utilise the full power of Massive’s features.100 intense patches that are crafted to suit all big sound styles from Bass music and Electro to Techno and beyond.
Download here, here, or here. Chunky Saws, Wide Wobbles, Talking Bass, Wild Warbs, Hefty Saw Waves and Booming Brick Wall Bass sounds are just part of what makes up this mother load of patches


Ableton Suite v8.3.4 PC

Ableton Suite is a complete software studio. Suite 8 gives you all of the features in Live 8 plus sound, with a radically new Library packed with beautiful new sounds and a wealth of useful resources. Suite 8 contains 11 Ableton instruments and effects including synths, a sampler, electric and acoustic drums, mallets, numerous sampled instruments, the new, reworked Operator and amp modeling effects. Two completely new instruments, Collision and Latin Percussion, round off the set. Ableton Suite 8 is a complete package: the tools and the sounds. Download here, or here, or here

MusicLab RealGuitar v3.0.1-R2R

If you are serious about creating truly realistic sounding solo and accompaniment guitar stuff for your songs, our product called RealGuitar is just what you need. RealGuitar is a sample-based virtual instrument with an innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar part performing on keyboard.

These technologies allow to closely emulate live guitar sound and techniques, letting you perform guitar parts with a whole new level of realistic expression. You can download it from here, here or here. Furthermore they made it possible to get that special recognizable sound of a real 12-string guitar using samples taken from an ordinary 6 string guitar, as well as to achieve true Doubling (double track) effect.


MusicLab RealLPC v3.0.1-R2R

RealLPC: We are proud to present the long-awaited RealLPC virtual guitar instrument bringing the incomparable Les Paul Custom Guitar sound to your studio.
Gibson’s Les Paul® Custom, a higher end variation of the Gibson Les Paul guitar has been used by the majority of world famous musicians, spanning generations and genres, such as Wes Montgomery, Al Di Meola, Pat Metheny, Chuck Berry, Jeff Beck, Peter Frampton, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, B.B.King, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, Eddie Van Halen, Lenny Kravitz, and many others.

RealLPC – sample-based virtual instrument with an innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar techniques emulating on a standard MIDI keyboard.

RealLPC provides incredible playability based on the unique performance modes and easy-to-use keyboard layout as well as the advanced key/pedal/velocity switch system allowing a keyboardist to perform guitar parts with a whole new level of realistic expression. You can download it here, or here, or here. RealLPC covers practically all sounds, articulations, and techniques a professional guitarist can produce on his Les Paul, including mute, bridge mute, harmonics, pinch harmonics, unison bend, strumming, picking, chord chopping, scrapes, and much more…

High quality dry samples recorded directly from Les Paul Custom pick-ups let you easily create any desired guitar sound using your favourite amplifier simulator


D16 Group Audio Software LuSH-101 v1.0.1 (WiN)

LuSH-101 is a synthesizer created from modules that can be found in many modern virtual synthesizers, all combined into a single compact and logically intuitive design. However, this basic simplicity combined with its multilayer architecture turns it into an easy-to-use but extremely powerful instrument that can be programmed and tweaked quickly, almost effortlessly leveraging its maximum potential.
Added option to hide GUI keyboard.
Bug fix in LFO and envelope re-trigger modes (appeared only on few host applications).
Less restrictive demo version (no pop-up window, 30 minutes in one run)
Download here or here

Hy2rogen - Sylenth1 Soundset Vol 4-DISCOVER

Hy2rogen is back with the 4th installment for the popular VSTi - Sylenth1, exploring the program's features and providing more up-to-date mainroom sounds.

The preset bank is filled with 109 preset sounds from basslines, leads, plucks, fx to drum sounds all tweaked for perfect fitting into your project.

Featuring dubstep and electro custom bass sounds, lush and melodic mainroom leads and chords, delayed additive plucks, lifters & other crazy fx and drum shots, this 4th comeback is a must have along with the previous 3 installments from Hy2rogen.
Most all of the presets have already been programed with the ARPEG function for that little bit of inspiration.

Remember to tick the ARPEG box and play any note!

The presets are compatible with all versions of Sylenth1 and many of the sounds have tweakable parameters for maximum flexibility in the mix.


• 32 electro & dubstep basslines
• 32 mainroom leads
• 16 plucks
• 16 FX

Download here, or here or here or here


Senin, 11 Juni 2012

Waves Complete v9.0 R2 (x86 / x64) Repack

Waves offers TDM, RTAS, AudioUnit, and VST plugins, for Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Ableton Live and other popular audio hosts. From the industry's most popular equalizers, compressors, and limiters to award-winning reverbs, surround sound and noise reduction tools – where there's sound, there's Waves.

Mercury Bundle
With over 100 stellar processors and over 250 component plugins, Mercury features more Waves in one package than ever before!

From time-domain effects to equalizers, from dynamics control to noise reduction, from guitar sound modeling to the sound of classic analog components, there has never been such a comprehensive collection as this. The Mercury Collection offers more effects, more channel components, more mixdown tools, more processors than ever before in one place.

SSL 4000 Collection
Developed under license from Solid State Logic, The SSL 4000 Collection includes four meticulously modeled plugins based on the legendary SSL 4000 Series: the SSL E-Channel, the SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, the SSL G-Equalizer and the all-new G-Channel.

These plugins sound so close to the original consoles, even experts who work with SSL boards day in and day out can’t tell the difference.

The King's Microphones
Discovered deep within the vaults of EMI outside London by Peter Cobbin, senior recording engineer at Abbey Road Studios, the microphones were used to record music and dialogue for the film, the first time they had been used by anyone outside the royal family. Download list here, Cobbin, who worked closely with Waves on the development of the plugin, commented, "It was exciting to know we had the very microphone used by King George VI, the central character of this film, and I thought how appropriate and inspiring it would be to have the microphones present at our recording sessions. The royal microphones are works of highly-skilled craftsmanship."

NLS Non-Linear Summer

NLS Non-Linear Summer brings users the analog summing sound of three legendary consoles in one plugin:

The "magical" solid state console belonging to Mark 'Spike' Stent (Bjork, Muse, Maroon 5, Madonna).
The classic console owned by Mike Hedges (The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Dido, Faithless, Manic Street Preachers, U2), heard on such timeless recordings as Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon.
The vintage British console customized for Yoad Nevo (Bryan Adams, Pet Shop Boys, Sugababes, Goldfrapp, Air).


ReFX Nexus v2.2 VSTi RTAS DVDR Skin & Preset

In this post, i'll share some skins & presets for Nexus VSTi
just mark it that the link will be expired soon, so if you want it then grab it fast :)

here it goes the link :
Skins here or here
preset can be download here or here


ReFX Nexus v2.2 VSTi Expansion

Hey . . do you still lookin for Nexus 2.2 expansion??
well i found one here, check it out if you want to grab it :p

here is the link for download the expansion / sound bank of Nexus VSTi V2.2
Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6, Part7,
Part8, Part9, Part10, Part11, Part12, Part13


ReFX Nexus v2.2 VSTi RTAS DVDR (PC)

NEXUS2 is a next generation ROM synthesizer of the highest quality that can turn your musical dreams into a stunning reality. Forget about stereotypical, boring, stale, old sounding ROM synths and embrace the power of NEXUS2 to evolve your productions to a new level of greatness. You can find here a lot of expansions and presets for NEXUS.
NEXUS2 explores new sonic territory delivering complex, ultra-fat, contemporary soundstorms that sound as good as the most expensive and best hardware available today. A powerful and flexible architecture is the foundation that supports the immediately useful and spontaneously engaging design of the instrument. Every aspect of NEXUS2 was built to produce music of the highest quality, quickly, with the least amount of fuss.
download part1, part2, part3, part4 NEXUS2 features a world-class 32 step arpegiator with note-transposition, an agile and simple 32 step trance gate, industry leading reverb licensed from Arts Acoustic, and a sophisticated modulation-matrix that will help you sculpt the sound.

Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

Ableton Suite 8.2.8 with Content

Ableton Suite is a complete software studio. Suite 8 gives you all of the features in Live 8 plus sound, with a radically new Library packed with beautiful new sounds and a wealth of useful resources.

Who Ableton is about 130 software developers, business people and product specialists. The company is run by Gerhard Behles (CEO) and Bernd Roggendorf (CTO), its original founders, and Jan Bohl (COO/CFO). Most Abletons are active in music production, performance or DJing.

What We make software for creating, producing, and performing music. Our flagship product, Live, has introduced a new approach to making music with computers on stage and in the studio that some call revolutionary. Live has received outstanding feedback from the international press and artists. There are now several hundred thousand Live users worldwide, and the number is growing fast.

When Ableton was founded in 1999 as an AG under German law. Live was introduced to the market in late 2001. Ableton Inc., our United States subsidiary, was incorporated in 2006.

Where Ableton headquarters are in Berlin, Germany, in the central "Mitte" district, near many great clubs and music venues. Ableton Inc. is in New York, in Manhattan's Chelsea district, also near great clubs and music venues.

Why We started Ableton in order to realize our personal vision of a computer-based music-making solution. We now enjoy working with a team of exceptionally bright and talented people, and take gratification from serving and interacting with the Live user community, the coolest we know.

About Ableton Suite 8:

Ableton Suite 8 is a package which gives you a rich world of sound, perfectly complementing the tools and features in Live 8. Suite 8 provides all the instruments a musician could hope for, including a wide range of synths, a powerful sampler, electric and acoustic drums, mallets, numerous sampled instruments.

What's fixed in Ableton Suite 8.2.8:

Added support for the Ableton Improvement Program, an automatic usage and data reporting tool. To enable, add this line to your Options.txt file:
Receiving MIDI CCs on a MIDI track’s input was causing a high CPU load on OS X Lion.
Fixed a bug in the "Beats" warp mode which could lead to unwanted clicks in rare cases

Download Here, or Here, or Here


Jumat, 20 Januari 2012

Presonus Studio One Professional 2.0.4 Win OSX

Studio One Professional. For those who want it all, we offer Studio One Professional, which has everything in Studio One Artist and Producer and adds the Project page, an integrated mastering solution,
Fully licensed Melodyne Essential pitch correction; SoundCloud™ support; Red Book CD burning; video playback and sync; and five more Native Effects plug-ins: Groove Delay, Multiband Dynamics, OpenAIR, Pipeline, and IR Maker.
Here we go again with the keygen release for Studio One v2.x download here
It will only work with the binaries provided with this release

Note :
Previous licenses being released for Studio One 2 don't include specific v2 informations and are obviously produced with our old v1 keygen

Remove any existing v1 licenses from following locations:


(Paste below into your explorer)

%APPDATA%\PreSonus\Studio One 2

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\PreSonus\Studio One 2

delete "user.license" in all folders if exists


/Users/YOURNAME/Library/Preferences/PreSonus/Studio One 2

/Users/YOURNAME/Library/Application Support/Presonus Software/Studio One 2

/Library/Preferences/PreSonus/Studio One 2

delete "user.license" in all folders if exists

Now install the software ...


Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Audiffex inTone Guitar Pro v1.2.1-ASSiGN

inTone is a family of real-time effect processors designed primarily for live performance and home practicing. Whether you are guitar, bass, keyboard player or a sound engineer, inTone can offer you everything you need.

Highlights :

  • inTone | Guitar is a highly optimized low latency VST host application shipping with a large set of VST effects, download plugins here.
  • inTone | Guitar opens software effects for live performances at home, on stage or in the studio. A complete set of effects is included, 3rd party plug-ins can be used, too.
  • inTone | Guitar utilizes multichannel audio interfaces and allows flexible assignments of inputs and outputs. It also offers audio file playback and recording.
  • Instruments, MIDI controllers, software instruments and effects, and ReWire applications: It is all connected in one system with inTone | Guitar.
  • One mouse click, one key shortcut, one MIDI controller touch, to switch to another, completely different setup.
  • Quick and easy selection of presets, web sharing of presets, high quality of sound.


Audio Damage DubStation v1.5.2 PC & MAC ASSiGN

The DubStation plug-in is modeled on the “bucket-brigade” style of vintage delay units, and has all the mojo that made those boxes great. Accurate down to the warm sound of the feedback loop and the low-fidelity character of the originals, DubStation is just what the (witch) doctor ordered.

DubStation is available as a VST effect for Windows, and as an AU/VST Universal Binary for OSX. Note that you must have OSX 10.4.1 or greater to use the DubStation PPC version or 10.4.4u or greater to use the DubStation Intel version.
Download here.

* 4ms to 2000ms delay time.
* Accurate delay model that changes the pitch of the signal when the time is changed.
* Sync-to-host capable.
* Full MIDI learn mode, for MIDI CC control of every control (VST only; handled by host in AU version).
* Loop and reverse features.
* Low-cut and high-cut filters controllable for extra dubby feedback.


SKnote Cuttertone v1.0.3 VST

CutterTone is a vinyl cutting pre-processor that is designed to be useful as a mastering effect or as a mixing tool.

Main features :

  • Bass frequencies stereo width (makes bass mono for a better stereo image).
  • “Acceleration limiter” (dynamically controls the amount of high frequencies).
  • General dynamics control with background noise.
  • VU and peak metering.
  • Designed to be light on CPU and latency-free.
Download Here

AnSpec – Brand New Freeware Spectrum Analyzer VST By Voxengo!

Voxengo (developer of the awesome SPAN, included in our best free spectrum analyzer VST list) has release AnSpec, a freeware analog-style spectrum analyzer for Windows and Mac.

Voxengo is happy to release its newest free plug-in – AnSpec, Download plugins Here analog-style third-octave spectrum analyzer plug-in for professional music production applications. AnSpec is available in AudioUnit and VST plug-in formats (including native 64-bit support), for Mac OS X (v10.5 and later), and Windows computers.AnSpec was designed to be a handy visual feedback tool for those who like smoothness and easiness of use of analog analyzers. AnSpec also provides peak level indication. While there are no adjustable parameters available in this plug-in, you can still change level meter ballistics and resize plug-in’s window.


Senin, 09 Januari 2012

reFX Nexus v2.3.2 x86 + Beta Crk-iND

NEXUS2 is a next generation ROM synthesizer-plugin that delivers a level of sonic quality unsurpassed by even the highest end hardware. Euphoric leads, glowing keys, otherworldly pads . . . NEXUS2 does it all.

The Arpeggiator

You know it, and so do we: Dance music would not exist without those magical arpeggios that bounce around in your head weeks after you heard “that track” at the club. So we didn’t skimp on NEXUS 2’s redesigned Arpeggiator. A 32-step sequencer, note and octave transposition, and adjustable loop start position are just a few of the controls you’ll want to go deep with as you build up your tracks. Apply some of the dedicated Arpeggiator presets to NEXUS 2 sounds to create a raging, punishing barrage of sound, or an uplifting, magnetic melody. If you hear it in your head, NEXUS 2’s Arpeggiator can do it.

The TranceGate

Add hypnotic, goosebump-inducing rhythmic effects to your sound with NEXUS 2’s redesigned TranceGate. Work with the intuitive, freely adjustable 32-step sequencer to nail the exact rhythm you hear in your head. Use the tempo-synced delay and fade-in controls to add spaced-out delays and subtle, gradual floods of sound. Change the loop start position, and pan gated sounds between right and left channels to create an enveloping stereo image. Or turn to the store of dedicated TranceGate presets, which allow you to convert any NEXUS 2 sound into a pulsating wave of sonic bliss.
Download the VSTi Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, part 6
The Mixer/FX

As with all other parts of NEXUS 2, we’ve made the fusion of power and simplicity the basis of the Mixer/FX section. You want an intuitive, flexible, and above all, premium-grade set of tools when it’s time to add finishing touches to your NEXUS 2 sounds. Dedicated FX presets help you add gloss and sheen in just the right places. A reverb and analog phaser from Arts Acoustic, a stereo enhancer, and two FX slots are just three ways we’ve sweetened the deal in the NEXUS 2’s Mixer/FX section.

The Modulation

NEXUS 2 provides nearly endless modulation possibilities; whether you want to use “traditional” LFO pitch modulation or go completely out there and tweak phaser feedback, for example. Let your imagination run wild: Just choose your source and your destination and let NEXUS 2 make it happen


Jumat, 06 Januari 2012

PreSonus Studio One Pro v2.0.3 WIN & MAC OSX

Studio One is a new, integrated approach to recording music, from tracking to mixing to mastering and distribution. It’s a creative environment built for intuitive use, speed, and efficiency-and yet it’s robust enough for the most complex productions.

Changes In Version 2.0.3:
add: Drag Send from open channel to closed channel view
add: [Pro EQ] Band name highlight when mouse is over graphical EQ
add: Remove from recent files list command per entry on Start Page
add: Crossfade grouped editing
add: Remove track and instrument command in track controls context menu
add: Drag to Soundcloud node in browser
add: Quantize Panel has quantize on track or in event switch
add: Command for inserting bend markers (Alt+Insert)
add: Audio quantize and transient detection only applied to event range

fix: [Melodyne] Tracks can have timing offset when edited with Melodyne
fix: [Melodyne] Crash if audio files are missing
fix: Hang on songs with OpenAIR loaded
fix: Track list mixer Hide/Show not synced when mixer is closed
fix: Event transpose and velocity not changed after merge
fix: File name of bounced files gets truncated
fix: Input follow does not respect monitor follows record option
fix: Folder track bus selector not updated when bus is removed
fix: Remove track unhides hidden track
fix: Stem export can have mixed signal on stem
fix: Hidden outputs not usable when importing version 1 songs
fix: Automation value edit not working for 3rd party plugins
fix: Locate in empty space not enabled for note editor
fix: Crash with Copy Ranges to track
fix: Crash using bypass with some plugins
fix: Crash in Level Meter RMS length switch
fix: Crash after deleting note event
fix: Toggle snap with shift not working when inserting bend marker
fix: Audio quantize improved for too far away markers
fix: Opening editor suspends auto scroll
fix: Jumping bend markers while inserting
fix: Bend marker not immediately updated in editor
fix: Removed keyboard shortcuts are restored
fix: [Sample One] Resets parameters when using previous and next sample buttons
fix: [Ampire] Global FX LED not working for Tube Driver
fix: [Scope] Not retriggering when using time scale
fix: [Open AIR] Crash with multichannel wave files
fix: [Tuner] Displays wrong octave
fix: [Project] Image export cue file has better compatibility
fix: [Project] UPC/EAN code not written correctly
fix: [Project] DDP export can crash when CD limits reached
fix: [Project] Divider position not saved in project
fix: [Project] DDP export not compatible with WaveLab
fix: [Project] CD can have shifted audio
fix: [OSX] Mixer bank disabled track graphic bug
fix: [OSX] Redraw bug when zooming selected track
fix: [OSX] Save As dialog has empty file name box
fix: [Windows] Performance issue with RME USB interface at 48 Samples
fix: [Windows] MIDI recording not working with NI USB audio interfaces
fix: [Windows] ASIO lock with Steinberg USB driver
Download :
Windows (PC) here
MACOSx here


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