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Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

Ableton Suite 8.2.1 AiR

Ableton Suite 8 is a software package that gives you a rich world of sound, perfectly complementing the music production tools and features in Live 8, including 10 virtual synthesizers and a huge collection of multi-sample instruments and drums. These include Sampler, Operator frequency modulation synth, Electric classic electronic piano emulator, Collision physical modeling instrument for authentic mallet sounds and creative percussion Tension physical modeling string synth, Analog vintage analog synth emulator, Drum Machines classic drum machine sounds, Session Drums acoustic drums, and Essential Instrument Collection 2 wide range of acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, bass, drums, orchestral instruments, and more, and Latin Percussion Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and African acoustic percussion instruments. New for Suite 8 World-class Sample Library With the creative professional in mind, Ableton has put together a well-balanced and comprehensive tool set, including synthesis, real-world "Sound Objects," presets, grooves, templates and, above all, a wide-ranging set of beautiful sounds into the Ableton Suite 8 library.
They worked with some of the world's top sound designers to create a comprehensive set of truly useful, high-end sounds, each one an instrument in its own right, for a total of 1,600 expressive sounds that are new to the line.
Ableton has released Live 8.2.1, a release that addresses numerous bugs, listed below, and also includes several new features and improvements.
Improvements and feature changes
* Improvements to Amp presets including better folder organization, additional guitar and bass amp presets and various other changes.
* Improvements to sound quality in Drum Machines.
* Performance optimizations on many Rack presets.
* Many delay devices now use the "Fade" Delay Transition mode, to avoid clicks.
* All Latin Percussion sounds are additionally available as chromatically tuned Simpler presets.

* Amp is now available in the trial version of Ableton Suite.
* Removed duplicate Amp presets.
* Fixed Hot-Swap behavior for a number of Session Drums and Drum Machines presets.
* Fixed a bug that prevented the use of soundcards with only one input on OS X.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when using a ReWire slave such as Reason and manipulating devices in the slave that were referred to by clips in Live.
Download : Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5
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Soundpack Gamelan (Bali - Java)

Sesuai request temen-temen yang mau nyari sample Gamelan, entah Bali atau Jawa, di posting kali ini aku share beberapa koleksi Sample Pack Gamelan Bali - Jawa Untuk menggunakan Sample ini bisa menggunakan Sampler semacam Sample tank, Kontakt, Directwave atau sampler lainnya sesuai selera :p . . .
berikut jika berminat dengan sample ini
Download Balinese Gamelan Ketjak Here
Pass : jika gagal coba atau
Javanese Gamelan Here

Image-Line FL Studio ASSiGN Edition 10.0.0

This is a list of notable new features and changes in FL Studio 10. For the complete list (including bug fixes) please check the 'WhatsNew.doc' in the FL Studio installation folder: '..\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio\WhatsNew.doc'. Notable changes/fixes in FL Studio 10. See many of these features in action at the What's New in FL Studio 10 YouTube video Play-list.
FL Engine / Interface. 'New pattern' (+) button - On the Channel Window / Step Sequencer. Add a Pattern and open the naming window.
Small scrollbars in editors - Smaller scrollbar for the Piano roll, Event Editor, Playlist etc. See F10 > General Settings.
Horizontal zoom - Improved Playlist, Piano roll & Event Editor.
64 bit plugin support - The Wrapper now automatically detects 64 bit plugins and opens them in 64 Bit 'Bridged' mode (see below).
Improved memory management - Two changes have been made to lower demands on FL Studio's memory allocation.
1. 32 & 64 Bit VST plugins can be opened in 'Bridged' mode. The maximum memory available to the plugin will be at least 2 Gb for 32 Bit Windows and up to 192 Gb depending on your version of 64 Bit Windows.
2. Audio Clips & Sampler Channels Keep on disk option now opens the sample in a separate memory allocation. Each Audio Clip / Sampler Channel can now load a sample of at least 2 Gb for 32 Bit Windows & 64 Bit Windows.
Improved audio options - ASIO: 'Mix in bufferswitch' and 'Triple buffer' may improve performance with some ASIO drivers. ASIO/Primary Sound: Revised 'Playback tracking' options to help with alignment of visual & recorded events where soundcard problems exist.

New Plugins

Patcher (free) - Chain effects and or plugins to create complete chains that can be quickly loaded in new projects.
ZGameEditor Visualizer (free) - Visualization effect plugin with movie render capability based on the free, open source, ZgameEditor.
Newtone (Demo) - Pitch correction and editor.
PitCHER (Demo) - Pitch correction and harmonization plugin.

Revised Plugins
Wrapper / Bridge updates - Significant changes to reduce bugs and improve compatibility.

Piano roll
Magic lasso - Circle mouse around Notes or Clips without clicking to make a selection.
Export MIDI as a score - The Piano roll Menu option File > Export as score sheet saves the current Piano roll as a .pdf in standard musical notation.
Time segment options - Beats has been added to Playlist: View > Time segments options. Time segments shade the background.
Edit Ghost notes - Double Right-click on Ghost note or X1 button.
Cycle Piano rolls - Shift + H or J cycles through data in Piano rolls.
Vertical nort zoom - Vertical zoom is now possible & notes include properties view.
Note stretch handle - On note selection to rescale length
Piano roll wave-display - Align notes to audio events.
Piano roll transport control - Editing in the Piano roll while in Song mode will now move the Playlist transport in sync with the Piano roll.
Ctrl+B - Duplicates selection, zoom-range, all (no selection).
Rounded note view - Rounded notes view via 'View > Rounded'.

Project Picker - The Project Picker allows preview and selection of Clips in the Playlist & patterns for improved workflow.
Preview/playback tool in Playlist - Press Alt + Right-click to preview Audio and Pattern Clips.
Resize Playlist tracks - Ctrl + Middle-click on Playlist tracks to resize them.
Time segment options - Beats has been added to Piano roll View > Time segments options. Time segments shade the background.
Lock Playlist tracks to clips - Right-click on Playlist tracks to lock and mimic Block-tracks.
Shift + Mouse Wheel - Move Channels, Mixer Tracks, Playlist Tracks & Patterns
Playlist Preview Tool - Play back clips by clicking on them with the Playback tool.
Individually sizable Playlist tracks - Any or all Playlist tracks can now be resized by dragging on the divider between the name areas. Individual tracks can also be locked at a desired size.
Live Playlist marker types - Playlist markers can be set to Loop, Pause or Skip for innovative live performances.
Ctrl+B - Duplicates selection, zoom-range, all (no selection).


Larger mixer view & waveform metering - The Mixer View options include 'Wide tracks' and 'Waveforms'.
Fully automatic PDC - The default for new projects, automatic Plugin Delay Compensation updates the PDC settings when changes are detected.

Browser Autohide - See the Browser menu options.

Changes and Additions
Left-Shift resize splits - Works on Clips in the Playlist or notes/chords in the Piano roll.
Autosave / Autobackup - See F10 File options.
Download Here or Here or Here
Password :

Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

MEW Free Download FLP Project - #1

Berikut ini aku share sedikit percobaan file ZIP dari FLP projectku semoga berkenan :p halah . . hahaha. Wokey tanpa banyak basa basi buat temen-temen yang mau eksperimen dengan Fruity Loop Studio, bisa download File Project ini :) maaf lox kurang sempurna coz tidak aku fokusin pada mix nya tp pada manipulasi FX pada sound sample yang standard bawaan FL.
Lox temen2 perhatiin, sample yang aku pake adalah bawaan asli dari FL Studio V9.9.9 Untuk lebih jelasnya download aja file projectnya
Download Project Here.
Password :
Untuk membuka file tersebut pakailah FL Studio V9.9.9 karena Wrappernya biasanya tidak support jika dibuka dengan FL Studio dengan versi dibawahnya
Download FL Studio V 9.9.9

Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

Big Citi Loops Southside Pimps Vol. 1

South side Pimps' is a new series of hit making construction kits which takes the South side experience to another level. You'll find 10 kits influenced by the likes of Nelly, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jezzy and many more. These key and tempo labelled samples are all licensed to you as royalty free.
These construction kits are sure to give your productions true swagg, including everything you need to create authentic Dirty South tracks; pianos, pads, electronic drums, FX and more!
Download : Part 1, Part 2 Readmore...

Sonic Projects OP X PRO II v1.0 AiR

OP-X PRO-II is the new top flagship of the OP series offering many new and extended features inspired by requests from users we have collected over the years as well as own new ideas.
So if you already have worked with one of the previous models this synth will give you everything you've ever wished, and if you're new this could be the dream synth you've always looked for.
Download Here or Here

Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

The Official Drumma Boy Drum & Sound Kit+Bonus [WAV & SF2]

Drumma Boy Kit Includes: 29 Soundfonts (SF2) & 346 One Shot Wav Drums and Sounds In The Style Of Drumma: 808's, Kicks, Chants, Claps, Snares & Claps, Effects, Sounds, Congas & . . .
Toms, Hats, Cymbals, Percussion, Timpani, Toms, Pizzicato, Bells, and Most Importantly, Soundfonts (SF2) Varying In Many Instruments That Have Been Used In Many Drumma Boy Tracks.
Download Here, or Here, or Here

The Official Lex Luger Drum & Sound Kit

Lex Luger Kit Includes: 553 One Shot Wav Drums and Hot Sounds In The Style Of Lex Luger contains:
808s, Kicks, Chants, Claps, Hits & Stabs, Signature Effects, Sounds, Congas & Toms, Cymbals, Hats, Percussion, Snaps, and Most Importantly In Many Instruments That Have Recently Been Used In Many Lex Luger Tracks.
Download Here Readmore...

Image Line FL Studio ASSiGN Edition v9.9.9.4 [UPDATE]

FL Studio is the most complete virtual studio currently available. It will play any sample file (wav), generator (softsynth, VSTi & DXi) or midi instrument you feed it.
Install FL at first Recommended then you can update it to
if you update it from version below to this update, it possible to crash or will be much "bugs" on it
Download UPDATE Here
Download FL Here

AdmiralQuality SCAMP VST 1.2.0 WORKiNG

SCAMP is a resonant low/high-pass filter plug-in VST effect for Windows with a very convincing, classic sound. SCAMP features a separate envelope follower for each of 6 channels, a host-syncable LFO with multiple waveforms, as well as our special Gliss-quanti feature for creating staircased LFO waveforms from the basic waveshapes. Also supported is full automation and MIDI CC control of all parameters.
SCAMP more closely models the actual circuit paths of real world analog circuits than most other common digital filter designs. For this reason it is also a far more processor-intensive effect, expect SCAMP to require processing power similar to the level of a powerful soft-synth. It may not be for every day use (or it may well be, depending on the type of music you make!) but on those days when you really want "the vintage filter sound", SCAMP is the way to get it!
Download Here Readmore...

Producer Loops Dirty South SwaggTown MULTIFORMAT

Dirty South Swaggtown' brings you over 400MB of crunk sounds, giving you the sounds of the South in your music. Influences include Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and many more. From analog drums to huge synths, this pack has it all. The samples themselves are presented as 5 construction kits, designed give you enough material to arrange, edit, slice and chop, and cover all the essential sounds needed to make your next Dirty South banger!
All sounds and samples are royalty free for you to use in a commercial production or even for DJ/Remix purposes. You can use these samples in as many ways as you desire.
These Construction kits are supplied in ACID WAV, Apple Loops, and REX formats.
Download : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Readmore...

Soundgroupie Crunk Bangas

What always gets the club "turnt up"....everytime?? CRUNK! The SG Crunk Bangas Kit has all the drum components to achieve that high-energy feel that gets clubs cranked! With more than 500 sounds to incorporate into your beats, you're sure to have everybody's head bopping something serious!!
Notable similarities: E-40 feat. T. Pain & Kandi - "U And Dat", Youngbloodz - "Damn", Petey Pablo - "Freek-A-Leek", Usher - "Yeah", Lil Scrappy - "F.I.L.A.", Bun B. feat. Ludacris - "Trill Recognize Trill", and Snoop Dogg ft. Lil Jon - "Step Yo Game Up".
Download Here Readmore...

P5Audio Dirty South Trap Kingz Loop Sets

Now you can have major label style Dirty South Trap loop sets for your own production with P5audio's Dirty South Trap Kingz! Created by Florida producer Mista Kingz (credit include: Rick Ross, Triple C's, Def Jam®), these 15 bangin' royalty free construction loop sets have been expertly crafted and selected to represent the REAL DIRTY SOUTH! NO fakers here! Want that authentic Dirty South Trap sound? These are your bangers!
This product includes...
* 15 multi-track loop sets with stereo mixes. 225 individual loops total
* Inspired by Dirty South Trap hitmakers!
* All music loops are separated giving you complete mixing and matching freedom!
* Individual loops include: Dirty South synths, keyboards, bass, live and sample guitars, live vocal chants, separated drum parts, sound fx and more!
* All tempos and key signatures are provided in these royalty FREE loops!
* Formatted in Acidized WAV, Apple Loop and REX.
* Compatible with virtually all music production software.
Download : Part 1, Part 2

Steve Pacey – MIDI Editing in Cubase: Skill Pack

MIDI editing might seem one of the most complicated tasks of any DAW, but it’s one of the most important. It’s also a function that Cubase® is particularly well suited to handling. Intended for those who use Cubase but want to better understand its immense MIDI editing capabilities, as well as those new to Cubase and MIDI in general, this Skill Pack will show you how to edit MIDI in every possible way using Cubase. It covers MIDI notes and events, using MIDI effects, creating a MIDI score, quantizing MIDI, and how to export your MIDI as digital audio and as a MIDI file.
The Skill Pack series provides a unique book/CD-ROM learning experience that helps readers focus on a specific skill they want to learn. Unlike other books with companion discs, the source files on your Skill Pack CD-ROM are an essential part of the book’s tutorials. You’ll learn by applying the skills you’ve been taught through hands-on exercises that will take you from the novice stage to a true expert. By the conclusion of the book, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the design and philosophy behind MIDI editing in Cubase, you’ll be able to work more efficiently, and you’ll know how to avoid the most common mistakes.
Download Here Readmore...

Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

FL Studio ASSiGN Edition [UPDATE ONLY]

FL Studio is the most complete virtual studio currently available. It will play any sample file (wav), generator (softsynth, VSTi & DXi) or midi instrument you feed it.What is ASSiGN Edition?
* Contain all functions of FL Studio XXL Edition.
* All Image-Line FL plugins are unlocked (MaxxClaster's plugins need cracks) Maxx's plugins : Drumaxx, Sakura, Sawer, Morphine, PoiZone, Toxic Series, Hardcore * Maxx's plugins are not included. After the installation of the FL Studio AE, you should install our latest release manually. This is bacause FL official installer sometime overwrite with old versions.

Download :
FileSonic, Fileserve, Bitshare
Pass :

Image-Line FL Studio ASSiGN Edition

FL Studio is the most complete virtual studio currently available. It will play any sample file (wav), generator (softsynth, VSTi & DXi) or midi instrument you feed it. What is ASSiGN Edition?
Contain all functions of FL Studio XXL Edition.
* All Image-Line FL plugins are unlocked.
(MaxxClaster's plugins need cracks)
Maxx's plugins : Drumaxx, Sakura, Sawer, Morphine, PoiZone, Toxic Series, Hardcore.
Download :
Direct Link Here
Jika Link udah mati download lewat Torrent INI

Senin, 14 Maret 2011

437 Chunky Guitar and Drum Loops

The samples are split into seven folders, each of which is named to give an indication of the type of drum or guitar sounds contained within.
All the samples are supplied as WAV files so can be imported directly into your DAW or sampler of choice. Because they're royalty-free, you're welcome to use the samples in your music in any way you like - all we ask is that you don't re-distribute them.
The chunky drum and guitar samples are supplied in a zip file, so you'll need to extract them before you can see them. Enjoy!
These samples originally appeared on Future Music magazine's cover DVD. Check out the latest issue for many more.
Download Here Readmore...

Vinylizer VST

Heyya all dust lovers, this time is a damaged sound simulator- the old vinyl records. You can simulate and manipulate the noise dust, the record decentralization
The high-frequency damage, the rotational speed and the typical stop effect of a turntable with adjustable stop time. Which I tried to simulate here in this flp file, using some automation clips
Download Here Readmore...

32 PoiZone Presets

Ametrine Audio released a free PoiZone Bank containing 32 presets/ 113 total presets including variations. These presets are perfect for creating techno and rave music.

How to install the presets?
1. Unzip the file

2. Copy & Paste file to this path -> C:\Program Files\Image-Line\PoiZone\Banks.
Download Here Readmore...

Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Cheta Essential Drum Kit

Cheta is a music producer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California and currently working out of Chicago and Tokyo. While creating music in a multitude of genres such as Hip Hop, Pop and R&B he also creates music internationally from Canada, Japan and even Korea.

The pack contains a processed acoustic drum kit in the style of Alex da Kidds- 27 one-shot drum samples. Also you will get a bonus, 8 synth/ brass loops.
The size is 38.9 MB when is extracted. The ZIP file has only 32.8 MB.
Download Here
Pass : thanks

Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

XLN.Audio.Addictive.Drums.DVDR.HYBRID-AiRISO (Torrent)

Sebagai jawaban request dari temen-temen yg udah kirim message di FB tentang VSTi XLN Audio Addictive Drum, di posting ini aku share VSTi ini. TAPI karena sekarang uploader sering terkendala copyrights & tidak bisa bertahan lama, maka solusinya kudu download lewat TORRENT.
Untuk download file Torrent, di butuhkan software khusus, dalam hal ini aku kasih BIT TORRENT. Install bit torrent sebelum mendownload file torrent. Setelah itu temen2 baru bisa mendownload VSTi ini.
XLN Audio Addictive Drum Torrent

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