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Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

Native Instruments Absynth v4.0.5.003 VSTi-DYNAMiCS

Native Instruments . . . hhe VST yang bisa diperbanyak sound banks nya ini cocok
buat beat maker . . . sound fx & sound key bener-bener harmonis

dianjurkan untuk segera mendownload vst native instrument ini :p
(ngiklan dikit)

nah ney spec & keterangannya :

Absynth is a semi-modular synthesizer combining multiple synthesis techniques.
Features :
* Award-winning semi-modular synthesizer offering an unprecedented range of
sonic possibilities.
* Innovative and unique combination of multiple synthesis and sampling techniques.
* New user-interface providing a concise overview and convenient one-window editing.
* Live stereo input allowing ABSYNTH 3 to be used as an extraordinary effect unit.
* 9 sound sources, 14 filters types, dedicated modulation and more for all three channels.
* Uniquely flexible envelopes with up to 68 breakpoints and sophisticated group management.
* Improved envelope display including a time display, variable resolution grid and cursor showing current position in the envelope.
* Dedicated surround sound function (3.1, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 8.0) per channel allowing
spatial manipulation of the sound or its individual components.
* Real-time fractalize parameters linked to individual envelopes.
* Powerful effects including a special reverb, echo, pipe, multi-tap, multi-comb.

nah bingung kan??
sama, aku juga :p
lebih enak langsung download & langsung dicoba sendiri
hehehehe . . .

download disini gan :
Part 1
Part 2

Pass : mertnil

kasih koment biar Blog tetep terupdate :)

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