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Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

Native Instruments Kontakt Player v2.2.0

Nah lho nah lho . . . hhe banyak banget koleksi VSTi
Native instrumentnya :D
hha . . . Native Instruments Kontakt Player v2.2.0 termasuk

VSTi Native Instrument yang bagus & banyak dipakai
berikut infonya :

KONTAKT PLAYER 2 is Native Instruments' and powerful sample library player.
Building on the success of its predecessor, KONTAKT PLAYER2 allows for innovative, highly playable instruments that leave existing technological and musical limitations behind. KONTAKT 2's powerful Kontakt Script Processor plays a central role in KONTAKT PLAYER 2-based instruments. The virtually unlimited flexibility of KSP allows for instruments with unprecedented functionality and musicality. Further advantages offered by the KONTAKT PLAYER 2 platform are virtually unlimited polyphony and up to 64-part multitimbrality, advanced surround capabilities, integrated effects including convolution and master effects, a versatile library browser and optimized DFD technology. Feature Summary KONTAKT PLAYER 2 is a universal sample player that can load all KONTAKT Player 2 compatible libraries from within one software interface. The feature range is dependent on the individual sample library.

download Native Instrument ini bro
disini . . . -> Download

kasih daaah . . . jangan lupa koment tentang VST ini

1 komentar:

  1. wah,, udh mati nih gan.,, gk bs d download,,


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