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Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

Groove3 Mastering with Waves Grand Masters TUTORiAL

This is it, the first and only 'Qualified and Approved' third-party Waves training videos, authorized by Waves. The first title in many to come, DAW guru Michael Costa takes you through the Waves Grand Masters Collection plug-in by plug-in, explaining each, showing you all of their features and functions, as well as uses regarding the art of mastering. 

Waves is 'industry standard' for the best sounding plug-ins, used by countless producers and engineers, and are heard on almost every modern recording. This collection focuses on revealing how to use the Waves Grand Masters collection on your stereo mixes to sweeten and fix common problems, as well as creative uses. You'll get plug-in overviews, specific applications for all the plug-ins in the collection, as well as tips and tricks on mastering 'in the box'. 

Michael wraps up the series with 3 'in-action' videos showing you step by step how he used the Waves Grand Masters bundle to master a 5 song project. If you're a Waves user and want to master in the box, this series is a must have. Get the only qualified and approved Waves training from Groove 3 today. Product Highlights. 

Content : 18 Tutorials / Over 3 Hours Total Runtime For all intermediate to advanced engineers and producers Written by engineering and mixing guru Michael Costa Info is compatible with any DAW, Mac or PC Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC Viewing Options: Online, Download, Disc, iDevice Streaming. 
Download Here

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