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Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

E.S.A Compressor Bundle v1.0-AiR

E.S.A Compressor Bundle is a collection of 2 high quality audio plugins Compatibility: (WIN) VST, VST3, RTAS, TDM -> 32bit. The Features :

Alpha Compressor
The alpha compressor plugin is the software reincarnation of our famous mastering compressor. It gives you a painstaking emulation of the sound and features the hardware is known and popular for programmed by the code experts from Brainworx. But not only the final stage of mastering will profit big time from this ultimate dynamics processor. In fact, the compression section alone is such a useful tool that we have decided to include a dedicated mixing version with a reduced interface. You might want to use this on every single track of your DAW.

The mpressor plugin is the as close as it can get emulation of our famous creative compressor. Its all discrete circuitry and its special character have been translated into software in all the painstaking details by the specialists from Brainworx. The result is an outstanding universal compressor as well as an inspiring dynamic effects machine which will significantly enhance the potentials of your host software.
Download Here


  •   Mpressor v1.0.4
  •   TDM added
  •   Alpha Compressor v1.1
  •   TDM added
  •   Fixed mouse tracking for knobs

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