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Senin, 06 Juni 2011

FaderPro Are You Able: Ableton LiVE TUTORiAL

A fully comprehensive Ableton video tutorial course guiding you through all aspects of making a track, from sequencing and editing to recording and bouncing your track, giving you the skills to make cutting-edge music. Presented by Grammy nominated producer Ivan Corraliza, these videos allow you to glean first-hand the tips and techniques for making award-winning music in this highly powerful programme
Covering every major aspect of Ableton, this comprehensive collection of 17 videos (clocking up just over 3 hours of HD content) guides you from setting up your project and getting familiar with the Ableton environment and Ableton-specific tools through to building and warping beats, using musical elements, creating effects and recording audio direct into Ableton.
The Content :
# Chapter 1 > an introduction to Ableton – learn the difference between the arrange view and session view, find out how to find and load samples, .
# Chapters 2-4 > build the rhythm: lay down a basic drum patterns using the session window and the Impulse and Drum Rack samplers, quantise, process, warp and edit your beat.
# Chapters 5-8 > get musical: learn how to load and record software instruments, utilise Midi, process the recorded sounds and samples using acoustic envelopes and arpeggiators and consider the arrangement of your track.
# Chapter 8 & 11 > audio effects: auto-pan, EQ, automate filters, learn to use Midi mapping and keyboard mapping to automate effect parameters and learn how to use send and return tracks
# Chapters 12-14 > recording: learn how to record your track into the arrange window from the session window, overdubbing, recording automation and editing the recorded arrangement.
# Chapters 15-17 > working with a vocalist: bouncing down your track for a creative session with a vocalist and then recording vocals into your arrangement
Download :
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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