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Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010


GUITAR RIG 4 PRO is the ultimate all-in-one guitar and bass solution for perfect custom tone. The powerful and intuitive software comprises of a vast array of amps, cabinets, mics and effects, recreated in stunning detail.The latest version includes 3 new amps, 4 new super-flexible effects and above all, the revolutionary Control Room for that “big bucks” studio tone. GUITAR RIG 4 PRO offers innovations and improvements that (not only) guitarists will appreciate. The ability to customize your sound has now taken on a truly professional dimension with the new Control Room feature, reworked matched cabinets, new effects and new amps. Improvements to the interface and architecture make GUITAR RIG 4 PRO the most versatile and powerful version yet.
Further technical improvements to GUITAR RIG 4 PRO include:

* Faster workflow with component presets
* Better handling of external Controllers
* Improved range and quality for time and pitch-based effects
* True stereo processing
Download Here. Pass : VSTclub

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