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Rabu, 28 Juli 2010

Magix Vandal v1.104.VST-DYNAMiCS

Conventional software amps work on the basis of sterile-sounding impulse responses, which leave no space for the details in the characteristic sound of guitars and basses. All instruments tend to sound the same and exciting sound properties are replaced by standardized algorithms. Vandal is different! Physical modeling technology guarantees that everything, from the signal input, stomp boxes and tube amplifier to the microphoned loudspeakers and studio effects added in post production are all displayed and played in top quality. Features:
* Custom amplification: Implement your own ideas in amp design
* Intuitive program interface
* Two worlds, one software: AMplifier for bass & guitar
* Countless effects & stomp boxes
* Top performance – low consumption

Release names & size:
Magix.Vandal.v1.104.VST-DYNAMiCS – 13.29 mb
Magix.Vandal.v1.104.AU.VST.MAC.OSX.INTEL-DYNAMiCS – 20.05 mb

Changes in v1.104:
- guitar amp: added presence control to config panel (class A/B mode)
- post-fx: added new effect 'vintage plate reverb'
- post-fx: units are now on by default when selecting an effect type
- GUI: added global option to switch dynamic window resize off (some
hosts have problems here)
- GUI: stomp menus stay visible now in the 'minimised' view (all
modules collapsed)
- GUI: guitar amp's config view now stays open when switching scenes
or presets
- stomps: improved delay modulation on TimeTunnel
- fixed: some Mac hosts showed wrong window size when re-opening the
- fixed: missing update of selected entries in the cab sim's menus
- fixed: guitar power amp sometimes turned silent upon scene switching
- Mac VST/AU: drastic CPU load reduction (runs 40-50% faster now)

Install Notes
1. Unpack
2. Install
3. Overwrite Protein.dll in /_bin with the one in crackdir.
download for Windows here, for Mac here. Don't forget to say thanx by leave a comment

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