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Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

Image-Line Groove Machine Standalone VSTi 1.0

Groove Machine is a performance-oriented multichannel (drum)sampler, multitimbral hybrid synthesizer, sequencer and last but not least a 'Groove Box' inspired by hardware Groove Boxes.

Main Features:
* 5 hybrid (Subtractive/FM) synthesizer channels
* 8 flexible sampler channels, each with 4 sample layers
* 10 DJ-style effects + EQ and Stutter PER channel.
* Stepsequencer with per-step automation allowing PER step note sculpting of all interface parameters.
* Step / Drum sequencer / Piano roll views
* Optimized for live performance
* Internal link system for widest compatibility with MIDI controllers
* Ideal for dub-step, trance, house & hip-hop producers
Download Here, or Here, or Here

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