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Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011

Cubase 6 with Activator

Cubase 6 includes all the new features that were introduced in the latest major update to Cubase, Steinberg's advanced music production system. Provided in Cubase 6 are drastically enhanced MIDI functionality and a new audio and MIDI editing workflow that expedites the transformation from creative ideas to professional results.
The VST Expression 2 comprises Note Expression for drawing controller values onto single note events, updated VST Expression Map functionality and the Articulations/Dynamics Lane in the Key Editor. Turning to audio, Cubase 6 adds phase-stable editing and quantizing of multi-track drum recordings, a new transient and advanced tempo detection and the ability to group several tracks for instant simultaneous editing of related events. In addition, the redesigned Lane Track system for both audio and MIDI offers convenient multitake comping by clicking on the best parts of multiple takes to form a single perfect take. Try here if you want to test it, and please send a reply comment for the result :)

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