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Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

Pro Tools 9: Music Production, Recording, Editing, and Mixing

Prepare yourself to be a great producer when using Pro Tools in your studio. Pro Tools 9 for Music Production is the definitive guide to the software for new and professional users, providing you with all the vital skills you need to know. Covering both the Pro Tools HD and LE this book is extensively illustrated in color and packed with time saving hints and tips, it is a great reference to keep on hand as a constant source of information. Detailed chapters on the user interface, the MIDI and scoring features, recording, editing, signal processing and mixing blend essential knowledge with tutorials and practical examples from actual recordings.
New and updated materials include:

* *Pro Tools 9 software described in detail
* *Details of the new functions and features of PT9
* *Full color screen shots and equipment photos

Pro Tools 9 for Music Production is a vital source of reference, for the working professional or serious hobbyist looking for professional results.

* *Highly illustrated color guide packed with tips to help Pro Tools users get the most from their system
* *Up-to-date and specific to version 9
* *Endorsed by leading international producers, composers and engineers
Download Here or Here

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